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Marine Corps Plate Carrier

The Plate Carrier (PC) improves the load bearing capabilities of the scalable plate carrier, integrates primary components among the improved modular tactical vest, and contours the product for comfort and wear.

Scalable Plate Carrier

The Scalable Plate Carrier (SPC) is used as an additional ballistic vest, not to replace the Modular Tactical Vest (MTV), but to provide additional warfighting effectiveness by allowing greater maneuverability, agility, and mobility with reduced thermal stress in high elevations, thick vegetation, and tropical environments than that provided by the Outer Tactical Vest/MTV. The SPC offers the same level of ballistic protection as the MTV but reduces overall weight by reducing area coverage for fragmentation.

Soldier Plate Carrier System

The Soldier Plate Carrier System (SPCS) is designed as a lightweight alternative, not a replacement, for the Improved Outer Tactical Vest, the core of the Interceptor body armor system. It is intended to increase mobility and maneuverability by lightening the Soldier's load when operating on foot in mountainous terrain or at high altitude.