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Full Spectrum Battle Equipment

Full Spectrum Battle Equipment (FSBE) reduces the component weight, provides a single point of release mechanism, and has an integrated breathing and flotation system. FSBE replaces the Close Quarters Battle Equipment (CQBE) Assault Vest System (AVS).

Full Spectrum Battle Equipment


During a Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) training exercise on 9 December 1999, a CH46 carrying a platoon from 1st Force Reconnaissance Company struck the side of the USS Pecos off the coast of Camp Pendleton, CA. The helicopter rolled into the water and sank immediately. The investigation that followed revealed that one of the major contributors to the fatalities were the heavy weight of the assault equipment worn by the boarding party and the difficulty in rapid egress from the helicopter.


FSBE provides ballistic protection, brief underwater breathing capability, flotation, and limited load carriage to meet the specific mission profiles of the USMC Force Reconnaissance community, Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams (FAST), and MEU (SOC) Helicopter Assault Companies.


The FSBE will be fielded in two different kits,

  • the Individual Kit and
  • Platoon Kit.

Each kit has four different configurations in order to satisfy the different mission of users.

  • Configuration A kits are fielded to Force Reconnaissance Companies, Reconnaissance Battalions, Special Operations Training Groups, and Radio Battalions.
  • Configuration B kits are fielded to Marine Security Force Battalion FAST Companies.
  • Configuration C kits are fielded to MEUs.
  • Configuration D kits will be fielded to EOD Teams.

National Stock Number

  • individual medical pouch: Eagle Industries #MC-MEDP-MS-KH
  • kit bag: 8465-01-516-7955
  • patrol pack: 8465-01-516-7959
  • hydration system: 8465-01-516-7960
  • 3-mag bandoleer: 8465-01-516-7961
  • Rhodesian recon vest: 8415-01-516-7966
  • frag grenade single pouch: 8465-01-516-7967
  • MBITR pouch: 8465-01-516-7968
  • SAW pouch w/detachable top: 8465-01-516-7973
  • 24-rd shotgun shell pouch: 8465-01-516-7974
  • 1 qt. canteen/GP pouch: 8465-01-516-7976
  • leg panel: 8465-01-516-8368
  • M-4 single/double mag pouch: 8465-01-516-8370
  • .45 cal pistol mag pouch: 8465-01-516-8371
  • flash bang pouch: 8465-01-516-8374
  • HABD pouch: 8465-01-516-8376
  • dive belt adapter: 8465-01-516-8377
  • E&R bag: 8465-01-516-8380
  • smoke grenade pouch: 8465-01-516-8382
  • chemical/biological mask bag: 8465-01-516-8383
  • M-60 ammo pouch: 8465-01-516-8384
  • slung weapon belt catch: 8465-01-516-8385
  • M-4 triple side by side mag pouch: 8465-01-516-8415
  • pop flare single pouch: 8465-01-516-8417
  • Mk-54 breacher pouch: 8465-01-516-8419
  • 40mm grenade single pouch: 8465-01-516-8426
  • shotgun breacher pouch: 8465-01-516-8427
  • Barrett single pouch: 8465-01-516-8428
  • SR-25 DMR mag pouch: 8465-01-516-8430
  • ASDK bandoleer: 8465-01-516-8432
  • breacher tool carrier: 8465-01-516-8433
  • patrol pack radio carrier: 8465-01-516-8435
  • field load carrier: 8465-01-516-8442
  • 12-gauge shotgun 16-shell panel: 8465-01-516-8443
  • modular assault pack: 8470-01-516-8452
  • GP pouch w/ light holder: 8470-01-516-8453
  • GP pouch w/o light holder: 8470-01-516-8454


  • FSBE infopaper@PMICE [2006][2007][2008]
  • PM ICE Battle book. 2008. p. 17 [pdf]