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Marine Corps Plate Carrier

The Plate Carrier (PC) improves the load bearing capabilities of the scalable plate carrier, integrates primary components among the improved modular tactical vest, and contours the product for comfort and wear.



  • one base vest assembly
    • an outer shell base vest carrier with non-removable ballistic insert set (front and back)
    • one set of shoulder straps
      • two shoulder straps with female buckle ends
      • one shoulder strap with yib-yab end, to create a lower profile for shouldering weapon
  • one cummerbund assembly
    • two interchangeable left and right sides
    • two interchangeable cummerbund adapters
    • one emergency release cable
  • two side plate pockets with non-removable ballistic insert
  • small arms protective inserts (ESAPI and Enhanced Side SAPI)

The PC is designed to function with or without the Cummerbund and Cummerbund Side Plate Pockets, based on the user's desires.


  • The base vest assembly has been redesigned to have a removable front and back ballistic insert and a removable waist belt assembly.
  • The cummerbund assembly has been redesigned to consist of two interchangeable left and right sides, a left and right inner cummerbund, one cummerbund attaching stick and one quick release cable.


  • PC Instruction Sheet Trifold [pdf]



  • TAMCN: C00612F
  • X-Small: 8470-01-581-4880
  • Small: 8470-01-581-5037
  • Medium: 8470-01-581-5041
  • Large: 8470-01-581-5052
  • X-Large:


  • Sources Sought: M67854-09-I-3020
  • Solicitation: M67854-09-R-3000 [zip]
    • Contract:
      • M67854-09-D-3000
      • M67854-09-D-3001
      • M67854-09-D-3002

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