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Mountain/Cold Weather Clothing System

The Marine Corps requires a Mountain/Cold Weather Clothing System with improvements that provide:

  • Better moisture management,
  • More flexibility in layering to better adapt to changing environment and level of protection needed (-40°F to 70°F temperature, wet/dry, wind, camouflage, activity level),
  • Faster drying time,
  • Lighter weights,
  • Lower pack volume,
  • Improved Marine performance/effectiveness in harsh climates.
MCWCS layered


Silkweight Underwear (later replaced by FR version)
Underwear/Light insulation
Grid Fleece Underwear (later replaced by FR version)
Soft Shell/Insulation
Wind Pro Fleece Jacket
Hard Shell
Lightweight Exposure Suit (lightweight hard-shell rain suit)
Extreme Cold Weather
Happy Suit (extreme cold weather jacket, trousers, booties)
Snow Camouflage Overwhite (jacket, trouser, pack cover)
ECW Mitten System (shell and removable liner) and the light duty glove inserts (FR)
Hardface Micro Fleece Cap


Similar System


  • MCWCS APBI [2007][2007][2008][2009][2010]
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