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All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

The All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment is made up of components for the fighting load and additional components for the existence load. These components can be used in all environments - hot, temperate, cold-wet regions, and even in cold-dry arctic regions.

The fighting load equipment consists of the following items:

ALICE Fighting Load
  1. Individual Equipment Belt
    • spec: MIL-B-43826
    • NSN:
      • Medium: 8465-00-001-6488
      • Large: 8465-00-001-6487
  2. Small Arms Ammunition Case (30-rd mag)
  3. Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders
  4. Plastic Intrenching Tool Carrier
  5. Canteen Cover
  6. First Aid Dressing/Unmounted Magnetic Compass Case

The existence load equipment consists of the following items:

ALICE Existence Load
  1. Pack Frame
    • MIL-F-43834
  2. Lower Back Strap
    • MIL-S-43835
  3. Waist Strap
    • MIL-S-43835
  4. Shoulder Strap without Quick Release
    • MIL-S-43835
  5. Shoulder Strap with Quick Release
    • MIL-S-43835
  6. Cargo Support Shelf
  7. Cargo Strap
    • MIL-S-43828
  8. Combat Pack, Medium
    • MIL-F-43833
  9. Combat Pack, Large
    • MIL-F-43832
    • TAMCN: V45042F
    • 8465-01-019-9103 [pdf]
  10. Camouflage Field Pack Cover
    • MIL-C-43830
    • TAMCN: V44802F
    • white: 8465-00-001-6478 [pdf]
    • white (nylon): 8465-01-481-4448
    • 6-color desert: 8465-01-103-0659
    • woodland: 8465-01-192-6616



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  • Nelson, Richard C.; Martin, Philip E. Effects of Gender, Load, and Backpack on Easy Standing and Vertical Jump Performance, Volume II, 1982. [pdf]