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Grenade Carrying Vest

The vest has a carrying capacity of twenty-four 40mm grenades used with M79 and M203 launchers.

Grenade Carrying Vest


The front of the vest and pockets are made of OG-107 7.25 oz. nylon duck with raschel knit nylon mesh over the shoulders and back to give increased ventilation.

Description of Item

The vest contains 20 pockets for carrying 40mm high explosive ammunition and 4 longer pockets at top of the vest for 40mm pyrotechnic cartridges. Each grenade is held in place in the pocket by a flap and snap fastener closure.

The vest has hook and pile front closure reinforced with snap fasteners. Proper fitting is provided at the back by means of a strap and quick operating buckle.




  • LIN: Y00790
  • Small (-38): 8415-00-146-1667
  • Medium (39-42): 8415-00-146-1668
  • Large (43-): 8415-00-146-1669