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Enhanced Side Small Arms Protective Inserts and Ballistic Carriers

The Enhanced Side Small Arms Protective Inserts (enhanced side-SAPI, enhanced S-SAPI, or side-ESAPI) and ballistic carriers provide increased side torso protection for Marines. The Side-ESAPI replaced the Side Small Arms Protective Insert (Side-SAPI, S-SAPI).

enhanced S-SAPIenhanced S-SAPI carrier6"x8" plate carrier, 8470-01-534-0777
enhanced S-SAPI use and care manualenhanced S-SAPI use and care manualX-small ESAPI plate carrier, 8470-01-547-5915, use & care manual

The side-ESAPI system consists of interchangeable plates that are inserted into ballistic carriers attached to the sides of a Marine's Outer Tactical Vest (OTV). The OTV contain soft body armor that provides protection from fragmentation and 9mm projectiles. The side-ESAPI plates are used in addition to the vest's soft armor inserts and provide additional protection from rifle-fired threats (5.56mm and 7.62mm APM2), the same protection as the ESAPI.


  • TAMCN: C00152E
  • 6"x8" plate, black: 8470-01-534-0760
  • 6"x8" plate, green: 8470-01-540-6532
  • carrier
    • for 6"x8" plate: 8470-01-534-0777
    • for 6"x8"/7"x8"/x-small ESAPI plate: 8470-01-547-5915
  • A set of two carriers and two plates: 8470-01-535-9876


  • Solicitation: M67854-06-R-3031 [1]
    • Contract:
      • M67854-06-D-3031 [pdf]
      • M67854-06-D-3071 [pdf]
      • M67854-06-D-3072 [pdf]

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