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Ground Troops and Parachutists Helmet

The PASGT helmet is intended for use by ground troops and parachutists to provide ballistic protection from fragmenting munitions to the head, temples, ears, and neck.

fig. 1: PASGT helmet componentsfig. 1: PASGT helmet components


The helmet consists of a shell (item no. 1, fig. 1), a suspension assembly (item no. 2, fig. 1), a headband (item no. 9, fig. 1), and a chin strap assembly (items no. 5 and 12, fig. 1).

The shell is molded of laminated Kevlar fabric. It covers the front of the head, the temple region, the ears and the lower rear region of the head. It has a small brim and rubber edging around the periphery.

The suspension assembly is a cradle type that is attached to the helmet with screws (item no. 3, fig. 1) and threaded A-washers (item no. 4, fig. 1). This feature allows replacement while minimizing the amount of hardware on the inside of the helmet and thereby reducing the possibility of injury from impact. The suspension assembly consists of two looped and one front and rear crown straps, a fixed web strap to which the ends of the crown straps are attached, and crown drawstring and adjustable tab with hook and pile closure.

The headband is a padded leather-lined web strap. Fitted around it are six metal clips (item no. 10, fig. 1) and at its rear a buckle for adjusting to the fit to the wearer's head size. The clips are used to attach the headband to the fixed web strap of the suspension assembly.

The chin strap is a two point suspension open chin cup having two adjustable buckles and a single pull-the-dot snap fastener closure on the left side. The chin strap is attached to the helmet with screws (item no. 7, fig. 1), washers (item no. 8, fig. 1) and posts (item no. 6, fig. 1).

A helmet cover (item no. 13, fig. 1) is available in several camouflage patterns. A helmet band is used in conjunction with the cover. For parachutists, a pad and retention strap are available to provide impact protection and increase helmet stability during airborne operations. A chemical protective cover is used in certain operations.

PASGT parachutists helmet retention strapPASGT parachutists helmet padPASGT helmet parachutists impact lineradditional components for parachutists: retention strap, pad, impact linerinstruction for PASGT helmet parachutists impact liner


  • The suspension assembly and headband were modified to eliminate the metal clips and buckle.
    • Six hook/loop tapes are used to attach the headband to the suspension assembly.
    • A hook/loop fastener is used to adjust the headband length.
  • Impact liner for parachutists that is slid into the helmet between the suspension webbing and helmet shell. It improves non-ballistic (bump) impact protection.
  • Comfort pad (item no. 11) that provides comfort in the crown area of the helmet. It attaches to the suspension webbing with a hook/loop strap.


  • LP/P DES 12-78A, superseded by MIL-H-44099
  • suspension assembly: MIL-S-44097
  • headband: MIL-H-44098
  • chin strap: MIL-S-44091
  • cover: LP/P DES 8-79, superseded by MIL-C-44107
  • chemical protective cover: MIL-C-44001
  • helmet band: MIL-B-1851
  • parachutists retention strap: MIL-S-44022
  • parachutists pad: MIL-P-44081, superseded by A-A-55253
  • parachutists impact liner: A-A-55299


  • Natick Pamphlet 70-2, July 2000. [pdf]
  • TM 10-8400-203-23. 1990 with changes 1-11. Chapter 19.
  • TM 10-8400-205-23&P Field Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for General Repair Procedures for Protective Equipment, 2013, WP 0018


  • Helmet, green; LIN: K34733; TAMCN: C32152F
    • X-Small: 8470-01-092-7525
    • Small: 8470-01-092-7526
    • Medium: 8470-01-092-7527
    • Large: 8470-01-092-7528
    • X-Large: 8470-01-300-3819
  • Helmet, foliage green 504
    • X-Small: 8470-01-529-6502
    • Small: 8470-01-529-6530
    • Medium: 8470-01-529-6532
    • Large: 8470-01-529-6539
    • X-Large: 8470-01-529-6541
  • suspension assembly
    • X-Small: 8470-01-092-7516, replaced by 8470-01-442-2969
    • Small: 8470-01-092-7517, replaced by 8470-01-442-2990
    • Medium: 8470-01-092-7518, replaced by 8470-01-442-2995
    • Large: 8470-01-092-7519, replaced by 8470-01-442-3001
    • X-Large: 8470-01-442-3021
  • headband
    • X-Small: 8470-01-092-8492, replaced by 8470-01-442-1434
    • Small/Medium/Large: 8470-01-092-8493, replaced by 8470-01-442-1429
    • X-Large: 8470-01-303-8946, replaced by 8470-01-442-1430
  • chinstrap: 8470-01-092-7534
  • comfort pad: 8470-01-364-7074
  • cover, woodland; LIN: F28747
    • X-Small/Small: 8415-01-092-7514
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-092-7515
    • X-Large: 8415-01-303-8945
  • cover, 6-color desert
    • X-Small/Small: 8415-01-103-1349
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-103-1350
  • cover, 3-color desert; LIN: F28747
    • X-Small/Small: 8415-01-327-4824
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-327-4825
    • X-Large: 8415-01-327-4826
  • cover, white
    • X-Small/Small: 8415-01-144-1860, replaced by 8415-01-494-4591 [pdf]
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-144-1861, replaced by 8415-01-494-4605
    • X-Large: 8415-01-494-4607
  • cover, UCP; LIN: DA152D
    • X-Small/Small: 8415-01-524-5957
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-524-6027
    • X-Large: 8415-01-524-6028
  • helmet band:
    • OD-7: 8415-00-576-2873, replaced by 8415-01-110-9981
    • tan: 8415-01-495-6714
    • FG-504: 8415-01-524-5842
  • parachutists retention strap: 8470-01-092-7524
  • parachutists pad: 8470-01-092-8494
  • parachutists impact liner: 8465-01-420-4920



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