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Corpsman Assault Pack

The Corpsman Assault Pack (CAP) is an improved design to replace the previously fielded MOLLE Medical Bag.

Corpsman Assault Pack

Improvements include:

  • Compartmentalization for medical instruments and equipment,
  • Improved ergonomics,
  • Reduced bulk through compression straps,
  • Removable inserts for enhanced, customized mission configurations,
  • Complete integration with Family of ILBE items, to include hydration system.

National Stock Number

  • Pack: 8465-01-535-5377
  • Pack with content assemblage: 6545-01-549-1053
  • Combat trauma bag:
    • CTB-V2: 6545-01-537-2342
    • CTB-V3/CLS: 8465-01-571-5231
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) leg kit: 6515-01-531-6535


Corpsman Assault Pack with ALS leg kit and combat trauma bag
  • Improved design accomplished by adding an empty individual thigh rig assembly and Combat Lifesaver Bag, which allows for individual outfitting based on the daily mission, lightens the load, and improves ergonomics.
  • Corpsman Assault System


  • CAP infopaper @PMICE [2006][2007][2008]
  • CAP infopaper @PMCSE [2009][2012]
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