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Improved Outer Tactical Vest Generation III

Incremental enhancements to the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) transitioned to production in FY12. Design enhancements included a more robust quick-release technology for improved functionality. Additionally the IOTV Gen III included other design features to improve comfort, mobility and functionality, especially to female and small statured Soldiers.

Deltoid Protector

The IOTV Gen III deltoid protector has the same basic design as the Gen II deltoid protector.

Groin Protector

The IOTV Gen III groin protector is worn on the ACU trouser, and provides additional protection to the femoral arteries and pelvis. It is a new design for the IOTV Gen III and is attached to the front carrier for storage only. The attachment straps are tucked into the groin protector carrier when not attached to the front carrier.

Lower Back (Kidney) Protector

The IOTV Gen III lower back protector has the same basic design as the Gen II lower back protector.

Yoke and Collar Assembly

The IOTV Gen III yoke/collar assembly has the same basic design as the redesigned Gen II yoke/collar assembly.


Purchase description FQ/PD 07-05 provides for a multiple threat/Interceptor body armor system (IBA) consisting of a base vest and modular components (IOTV) for tailoring protection levels to defeatmultiple ballistic hazards across the battlefield continuum and manage armor weight.