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Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (M1967)

Components of the Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment are similar in design to components of the standard M1956 individual load-carrying equipment. Because nylon materials and aluminium hardware are lightweight, they are used where possible in lieu of cotton materials and brass or steel hardware. The nylon materials are water resistant, retain less moisture and dry faster.

nylon M-1956 equipmentIn an effort of reducing the weight of the M-1956 cotton equipment a set of equipment was made substituting available nylon materials for the cotton.


  1. Individual Equipment Belt
    • LP/P DES (Limited Production Purchase DEScription) 14-67, superseded by MIL-B-43723
    • Medium: 8465-935-6815
    • Large: 8465-935-6816
  2. Field Pack Suspenders
  3. Small Arms Ammunition (M-16 20-Round Magazine) Case
  4. First Aid Dressing / Unmounted Magnetic Compass Case
  5. Intrentching Tool Carrier
  6. Field Pack
  7. Water Canteen Cover
  8. Sleeping Equipment Carrier