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Snow Camouflage Mitten Shells

The snow camouflge mitten shells are used as the handwear camouflage cover when worn over the trigger finger mitten shells, and arctic mitten set in snow environments.

Light Duty Flame Resistant Glove Insert

The light duty flame resistant glove insert is designed to be worn either alone or under a mitten or glove shell.

Extreme Cold Weather Mitten System

The Marine Corps has developed an Extreme Cold Weather Mitten System including a Mitten Shell with Removable Liner and Light Duty Flame Resistant Glove Insert, which will provide improved environmental protection over USMC's previous mitt, the insulated trigger finger mitt.

Anti-Contact Glove

The anti-contact gloves are intended for use in cold-wet and cold-dry regions where dexterity and protection from cold metal contact are required.They will provide protection against cold for only a very short period.

Flame Resistant Anti-Flash Gloves

The FR anti-flash gloves are intended to protect the hands and forearms exposed to transient elevated temperatures and flash from weapons, and are used with the FR anti-flash hood.

Marine Corps Cold Weather Contact Glove

The cold weather contact gloves allow Marines to conduct precise technical work such as operating computer and electronic equipment while protecting their hands from the cold weather combat environment.

Improved Cold Weather Extended Gloves

Improved Cold Weather Extended Gloves are made in accordance with Outdoor Research Professional Modular Glove, part number 72189 for the shell, 72190 for the liner.

Army Combat Glove

The Army Combat Gloves are intended for light work duty with flame and cut protection.

Intermediate Cold/Wet Gloves

The Intermediate Cold/Wet gloves are intended as protection from environmental conditions for the hands of users performing their mission in intermediate cold and wet climates encompassing approximately a 0°F to 40°F temperature range.

Cold Weather Glove Inserts

The cold weather glove inserts are intended to be worn for added warmth with glove shells for cold weather.

Marine Corps Improved Glove Insert

Improved Glove Inserts are worn alone, or worn under the Light Duty Glove.

Lightweight Cold Weather Glove Inserts

The lightweight cold weather glove inserts are to be worn for added warmth with the intermediate cold/wet glove shells.

Marine Corps Light Duty Glove Insert

The Light Duty Glove Insert is a product improvement replacing the Improved Glove Insert.The intent is to eliminate the melt/drip hazard, which could occur with the old polyester/lycra insert, by changing to a cotton/lycra insert.

Marine Corps Intermediate Cold Weather Glove

The USMC Intermediate Cold Weather Glove is designed to be worn in cold weather environments to protect the user from the elements including snow, wind, and ice with a threshold temperature range from 40° to 0° Fahrenheit.

Flexor-style Light Duty Glove

The gloves are intended for light work duty and mosquito protection.They may be worn alone, or for additional warmth under cold conditions, may be worn with the wool inserts.The gloves are also intended for wear over chemical protective handwear covered by MIL-G-43796.

Light Duty Utility Glove

The Light Duty Utility Glove is a multifunctional utility glove for performing light duty work.The glove may be worn alone or as a shell and in combination with thermal inserts or chemical protective handwear.

Light Duty Gloves

The light duty gloves are worn to protect the hands of personnel performing light work. When required, they may also be worn for mosquito pretection and may be worn over the chemical protective (CP) gloves to protect the CP gloves from abrasion and cuts. They may be worn alone or, for additional warmth under cold conditions, may be worn with the wool inserts.

Army Handwear Operational View

Army handwear operational view.

Marine Corps Improved Cold Weather Trigger Finger Mitten

The improved cold weather trigger finger mitten is light weight, reduced bulk, hydrophobic, quick drying, and designed with a trigger finger for weapon operation.The mitten is intended to be used in temperatures ranging from +10 to -25°F (-12 to -32°C). The mitten is compatible with the snow camouflage mitten shells and improved glove insert, and replaces the trigger finger mitten shells and inserts.

Trigger Finger Mitten Insert

The mitten inserts are intended to be worn under the trigger finger mitten shells.

Extreme Cold Weather Mitten Set

The mitten set is intended for use with other component of arctic clothig under cold dry conditions.

Trigger Finger Mitten Shells

The trigger finger mitten shells are to be worn with or without the wool/nylon mitten inserts and in areas too cold for leather gloves and not sufficiently cold for arctic mittens.