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Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment II

Based on user feedback on the original system, the MOLLE requirements were modified to eliminate the need for a quick-release frame that integrates into the load bearing vest (LBV). The change allowed developers to replace the probe and socket mechanism, which caused problems in donning for some soldiers and Marines, to a quick-release mechanism for a more traditional permanently-mounted waist belt on the frame.

MOLLE II componentsMOLLE II packs including a large rucksack and an assault pack


The MOLLE system consists of

The Interlocking Attachment System is used to attach pockets to the Fighting Load Carrier, packs, and waist belt.


MOLLE II pockets
  1. 100 round SAW pouch
  2. 200 round SAW pouch
  3. medical pocket
  4. 30-round double magazine pocket (simplified version is shown)
  5. single high explosive grenade pocket
  6. double high explosive grenade pocket
  7. double illumination round pocket
  8. 9mm magazine pocket
  9. fragmentation grenade pocket
  10. canteen/general purpose pouch
  11. M4 three magazine side x side pouch (added later)

30-round single magazine pocket was eliminated.


In addition to the pre-configured duty sets, the MOLLE II system has additional components that may be added to meet more specific mission needs.

MOLLE II Accesories
  1. K-Bar Adapter
  2. ALICE Clip Adapter
  3. Shotgun Shell Pouch
  4. MBITR Pouch
  5. Lashing Straps
  6. Admin Pouch
  7. Leaders Pouch
  8. PVS14 Pouch
  9. Radio Pouch
  10. Vehicle Panel
  11. Shoulder Strap
  12. 300-Round, 7.62 Ammo Bag


The base fabric used for all pockets/pouches, packs and rucksacks is MIL-C-43734 Class III textured nylon duck, coated on the back side with clear polyurethane and is water repellent treated. The fabric weighs 11.0 to 12.0 ounces per square yard and has a minimum breaking strength of 500 pounds warp and 300 pounds filling.

Specifications [1]

  • CO/PD 02-02
  • CO/PD 02-05: Medic Bag
  • CO/PD 05-03: Accessories
  • CO/PD 04-12: Holster/Leg Extender
  • CO/PD 10-03, 15 Nov 2010: Waterproof Pack Liner[2]
    • FG 504: 8465-01-591-7061
    • Tan 499: 8465-01-591-7521


Further Improvements

MOLLE 4000 rucksack - frontMOLLE 4000 rucksack - backThe new MOLLE Rucksack for Airborne and General Purpose Forces

A number of improvements in the MOLLE system are underway, including:

  • replacing the Fighting Load Carrier with the Tactical Assault Panel which is compatible with the safety release mechanism of the Improved Outer Tactical Vest,
  • 3000-cubic-inch Medium Rucksack to fill the gap for 3-day missions/72-hour packing list,
  • Improved MOLLE Medic Set
  • MOLLE 4000 rucksack to replace the large rucksack for the airborne community. [3]
    • The new MOLLE Rucksack for Airborne and General Purpose Forces is a Government-owned design. It has an approximately 4000 cubic inch capacity and made of 1000 Denier nylon coated fabric, has an external frame, adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt. The exterior of the rucksack has multiple storage pockets and pouches of varying dimensions. The interior of the main compartment of the rucksack has a pouch for carrying a radio / hydration bladder or other similarly sized equipment. The interior of the main compartment of the rucksack has a center zippered flap that divides the main compartment into two approximately equal upper and lower halves. The bottom of the rucksack has a separate storage compartment and also above that a zippered access into the lower part of the main compartment.[4]
    • set: 8465-01-673-3364
      • ruck: 8465-01-673-3374
      • right shoulder strap: 8465-01-673-3510
      • left shoulder strap: 8465-01-673-3517
      • frame: 8465-01-673-3400
      • compression strap: 8465-01-673-3521
      • waist belt: 8465-01-673-3449


100 Round SAW Pocket8465-01-465-20708465-01-491-74448465-01-524-73658465-01-580-2621
200 Round SAW Pocket8465-01-465-22638465-01-491-75228465-01-524-76208465-01-580-2628
Medical Pocket8465-01-467-49888465-01-496-10838465-01-524-76388465-01-580-2781
30rd Double Mag Pocket8465-01-465-20928465-01-491-7435
30rd Double Magazine Pocket (simplified)8465-01-513-40588465-01-515-75628465-01-525-06068465-01-580-0701
Single HE 40mm Grenade Pocket8465-01-465-44168465-01-491-75278465-01-524-76248465-01-580-2756
Double HE 40mm Grenade Pocket8465-01-465-44178465-01-491-75268465-01-524-76288465-01-580-2763
Double 40mm Pyrotechnic Pocket8465-01-465-44458465-01-491-75298465-01-524-76368465-01-580-2768
Single 9mm Magazine Pocket8465-01-465-21558465-01-491-75208465-01-524-73618465-01-580-2610
Fragmentation Grenade Pocket8465-01-465-20938465-01-491-74318465-01-525-05898465-01-580-0697
Canteen/GP Pouch8465-01-484-04508465-01-494-02728465-01-525-05858465-01-580-0693
30rd 3-Mag Side by Side Pouch8465-01-513-40488465-01-515-42238465-01-525-05988465-01-580-0967


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