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Improved Outer Tactical Vest

The Army began fielding the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) in the fourth quarter of 2007. The IOTV is a side-opening vest that provides a greater area of coverage than the Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) and weighs three pounds less.

The IOTV enhancements over the OTV include:

  • a reduction in weight of 3.8 to 3 lbs depending on size,
  • an internal waistband which moves more of the weight from the shoulders to the waist,
  • a mesh lining which aid ventilation,
  • side-opening which increases soft ballistic coverage and adjusts for better comfort,
  • a quick release handle by which Soldiers can instantly remove the vest in emergency situations,
  • integrated side plate carriers which decrease the vest's profile and allow better arm movement,
  • a lower back protector which extends the vest's coverage by 52 square inches,
  • a higher cut in the underarm area which eliminate the need to attach the axillary (underarm) protector to the deltoid axillary protector set,
  • integrated throat protector, and
  • increased number of available sizes for Soldiers with long torsos.
IOTV fully equipped




  • TM 10-8470-208-10. Operator Manual for Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) and Improved Outer Tactical Vest Gen II (IOTV Gen II), a Part of the Interceptor Body Armor System
  • IOTV Sizing and Fitting Procedures. 21 Apr. 2009 [pdf]
  • "A Commercial IOTV Cleaning Study". 2010. [pdf]


  • IOTV complete, UCP:
    • X-Small: 8470-01-551-7640
    • Small: 8470-01-551-7642
    • Medium: 8470-01-551-7643
    • Medium-Long: 8470-01-551-7647
    • Large: 8470-01-551-7648
    • Large-Long: 8470-01-551-7652
    • X-Large: 8470-01-551-7653
    • X-Large-Long: 8470-01-551-7654
    • XX-Large: 8470-01-551-7655
    • 3X-Large: 8470-01-551-7656
    • 4X-Large: 8470-01-551-7658