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Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment

Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment (FILBE) utilized by the United States Marine Corps is designed to allow Marines to carry equipment needed in support of combat operations.
The load bearing erquipment system is modular in order to meet the unique needs of the warfighter. The system will maximize the ability to carry combat loads efficiently, minimize the burdens of weight, improve overall system compatibility and increase the combat effectiveness of the user.


The FILBE consists of the following components:

  1. USMC Pack System which replaces ILBE pack system
  2. Chest Rig
    1. USMC Chest Rig
  3. USMC Equipment Pouches
  4. USMC Holster which replaces the M12 holster
  5. Corpsman Assault System (CAS) which replaces the Corpsman Assault Pack
  6. Individual Water Purification System



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