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Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

The Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) is a layered insulating system adjustable to personal preference, metabolism, and prevailing weather conditions. It is designed to maintain adequate environmental protection between +40°F and -60°F.


The original ECWCS is composed of 23 individual clothing, handwear, headwear and footwear items which are used in various combinations to meet cold weather environmental requirements.

ECWCS Layer 1 through 5
Layer 1 - moisture wicking layer
Polypropylene undershirt and drawers
Layer 2 - insulating layer
Polyester fiberpile shirt and bib overall, field trouser liner.
Layer 3 - insulating layer
Field coat liner and field trousers.
Layer 4 - waterproof, windproof layer
Camouflage parka and trousers.
Layer 5 - snow camouflage layer
snow camouflage parka and trousers.
Light duty glove shells and inserts, trigger finger mitten shells and inserts, arctic mitten set, snow camouflage mitten shells.
patrol cap, combat vehicle crewman's hood (balaclava).
Wool cushion sole socks, vapor barrier boots (black and white).
Trouser suspenders.