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Pile Field Cap

The MQ-1 (Model Quartermaster 1) olive drab pile field cap is a modified version of the olive drab pile field cap. The pile lining of the original visor, which caused visual interference and forehead discomfort when the visor was lowered, was eliminated. The MQ-1 cap was adopted as the M-1951 pile field cap.

Field Jacket

The M-1943 MQ-1 field jacket was a modified version of the M-1943 field jacket that contained inner buttons for attachment of a removable liner. The jacket was adopted as the M-1950 field jacket.

MIL-C-10869: CAP, FIELD, PILE, O.D. M-Q1

Military specification MIL-C-10869 covers the M-Q1 (Model Quartermaster 1) pile field cap.


Military specification MIL-C-1913 covers a cotton poplin, field cap with wool pile lined earflaps.