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AR 670-1: Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

Army regulation 670-1 prescribes the authorization for wear, composition, and classification of uniforms, and the occasions for wearing all personal (clothing bag issue), optional, and commonly worn organizational Army uniforms. It also prescribes the awards, insignia, and accouterments authorized for wear on the uniform, and how these items are worn.General information is also provided on the authorized material, design, and uniform quality control system.

AR 708-1: Logistics Management Data and Cataloging Procedures for Army Supplies and Equipment

Army regulation 708-1 prescribes policy and assigns responsibilities for the cataloging of supplies and equipment and related logistics data management functions throughout the U.S. Army. This regulation implements DOD 4100.39-M and DOD 4140.26-M.

AR 71-32: Force Development and Documentation

AR 71-32.