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DA Pam 21-52: Cold Facts for Keeping Warm

DA Pam 21-52.

DA Pam 21-54: Body Armor for the Individual Soldier

DA Pam 21-54 is a soldier's guide for the use and care of fragmentation protective body armor.

DA Pam 350-44: Soldier's Handbook for Individual Operations and Survival in Cold Weather Areas

DA Pam 350-44 is designed to prepare its reader to conduct operations and survive for extended periods of time under the most severe and varying cold weather conditions. IT should be used with FM 31-70, Basic Cold Weather Manual, FM 31-71, Northern Operations, FM 31-72, Mountain Operations, and FM 21-76, Survival Evasion and Escape.

DA Pam 670-1: Guide to the Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

DA Pam 670-1 provides the implementation procedures for wear and appearance of Army uniforms and insignia.

DA Pam 708-1: Cataloging of Supplies and Equipment, Management Control Numbers

DA Pam 708-1 provides uniform procedures for using and controlling management control numbers.

DA PAM 708-3: Cataloging of Supplies and Equipment, Army Adopted Items of Materiel and List of Reportable Items (SB 700-20)

DA PAM 708-3 is designed to assist logistics managers and fuctional personnel worldwide with information and guidance on the cataloging of supplies and equipment and related logistics data management functions.