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USMC Cold Weather Cap

USMC cold weather cap is not a replacement for the currently sustained USMC microfleece hardface cap but would be worn separately from the current cap when increased protection from wet and dry cold weather environments is needed.


The cap shall have an outer shell composed of a three-panel crown and a short visor that can be worn in either the up or down position, with an inner earflap that lays flat against the forehead. The cap shall have full extension ear flaps that secure under the chin with hook and loop, and may also be worn with the ear flaps flipped up so that the hook and loop attaches at the crown of the head. When worn in this configuration, the inner ear flaps provide warmth to the wearer's ears. The inside of the crown and earflaps are lined with insulation for warmth and comfort. The lining fabric in the crown shall be permanently attached to the shell but construction shall allow for the two fabrics to be separated in order to facilitate drying. Joining seams on the outer shell crown shall be towards the wearer, and all joining seams on the crown lining shall be away from the wearer.


The shell fabric shall be a 3.5 - 4.25 oz/sq yd woven ripstop, and the lining fabric shall be a 6 - 8 oz/sq yd knit polyester fleece. The shell fabric shall have a durable water resistant (DWR) finish applied prior to being used in the fabrication of the caps.



  • Class 1: Coyote 498
    • Small: 8415-01-695-3401
    • Medium: 8415-01-695-3402
    • Large: 8415-01-695-3403
    • X-Large: 8415-01-695-3404




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