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Improved Entrenching Tool

The Improved Entrenching Tool is a lightweight, hand held implement intended for use as a shovel or as a pick to move dirt, sand, gravel, or grass, sever roots, clear brush and pound tent stakes. The Improved E-Tool is capable of operating in all terrestrial extremes (jungle, arctic and temperate environment) in all weather conditions.

Lightweight Folding Hand Intrenching Tool

The intrenching tool is intended for digging, breaking hard ground, clearing brush or undergrowth, and cutting roots, saplings, and small trees.

Keeper with Slide

Keepers with interlocking slides are used to attach the various pouches to the pistol belt.

Emergency Signaling Mirror, Mark 3

The signaling mirrors are intended to attract the attention of search and rescue parties, when in an emergency situation.

Unmounted Magnetic Compass

The compass, with self-luminous light sources to facilitate use during periods of darkness, is for obtaining magnetic azimuths for ground navigation, reconnaissance, and fire control purposes.

Combat Casualty Blanket

The combat casualty blankets is suitable for use as a windbreak, sunshade, poncho, or position indicator in rescue missions.

Field Tarpaulin

The Field Tarp is an outer protective cloth designed to provide Marines with a lightweight, waterproof covering which will also function as a ground cover, sunshade, gear cover, field litter, personal protection and/or a hasty shelter.