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Anti-Microbial Boot Socks

The boot socks are anti-microbial, and contain a fiber that is coated in silver to combat bacteria growth that causes odor and stains.


The sock shall be over-the-calf style with a double welt top having a double covered elastic yarn that is continuous in every course from the welt to the ankle area. The fully reciprocated heel, toe and foot area will be padded with a half cushion terry for blister protection. The entire ankle/heel, toe and foot area shall be knit 360 degrees circumferentially with a main body yarn (terry yarn) and a silver coated nylon yarn knit simultaneously in the same position, so that both the silver yarn and the cotton yarn will actually form the cushioning terry loop. Thus, the silver element will be knit so that it touches the skin of the entire foot area. The silver coated yarn shall be present in every course on the entire foot area (below the rib). The nylon yarn shall be permanently coated with 99.9% pure silver, and shall be non-allergenic, antimicrobial and shall provide protection against bacteria and fungi.


The double welt shall be a 1X1 rib with an 8/1 ring spun cotton and a 140 denier spandex double covered with two ends of textured, 70 denier, type 6.6 nylon. The leg portion of the sock shall be knit with a 1X1 rib construction of two ends of 12/1 ring-spun cotton and a 140 denier spandex double covered with two ends of textured 70 denier, type 6.6 nylon. The entire foot area must be knit with one end of 10/1 ring-spun cotton and one end of 70 denier, type 6.6 nylon plied with a 30 denier nylon plaited with 99.9% pure silver and knit so that all three yarns are incorporated into the terry loop. The plating yarn for the foot of the sock shall be a 20 denier spandex plied with a 1/70/34 type 6.6 nylon and knit to the outside of the sock fabric.

The total fiber percentages shall be a minimum of 10% nylon, minimum of 5% spandex/nylon, a minimum of 2.5% anti-microbial yarn produced from silver coated nylon fiber, and the remaining fiber shall be cotton. The silver fiber must be visible as a slight glitter from the outside surface and in the terry loop of the heel and foot area.



  • Type I: Green 490; PGC: 02882; 3-pair banded
    • XX-Small (3 to 7): 8440-01-508-3356
    • X-Small (7-1/2 to 8-1/2): 8440-01-508-3357
    • Small (9 to 10): 8440-01-508-3359
    • Medium (10-1/2 to 11-1/2): 8440-01-508-3360
    • Large (12 to 13): 8440-01-508-3362
    • X-Large: (14 and over): 8440-01-508-3364
  • Type I: Green 490; PGC: 00035; 7-pair banded
    • XX-Small: 8440-01-668-7015
    • X-Small: 8440-01-668-7019
    • Small: 8440-01-669-3731
    • Medium: 8440-01-668-7021
    • Large: 8440-01-668-7022
    • X-Large: 8440-01-668-7026
  • Type II: Coyote brown; PGC: 02885
    • X-Small: 8440-01-508-4954
    • Small: 8440-01-508-4955
    • Medium: 8440-01-508-4956
    • Large: 8440-01-508-4958
    • X-Large: 8440-01-508-4959
  • Type III: Black 3237; PGC: 03290
    • XX-Small: 8440-01-540-2920
    • X-Small: 8440-01-540-2921
    • Small: 8440-01-540-2923
    • Medium: 8440-01-540-2925
    • Large: 8440-01-540-2928
    • X-Large:


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  • SPE1C1-15-R-0080:
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