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Army Combat Glove

The Army Combat Gloves are intended for light work duty with flame and cut protection.

Army Combsat GloveArmy Combsat Glove with Gauntlet


The gloves shall be made from a combination of leather and inherently flame resistant textile materials. The textile material shall be simplex or interlock knitted cloth consisting of a yarn blend of 96% para-aramid and 4% conductive anti-stat fiber.


The gloves shall be slip-on style with adjustable tabs (hook and loop) at the wrist containing a combination of knit cloth, leather palm and knuckle reinforcements on the back of the hand and storage loop/cord. Closed cell foam shall be used for the knuckle guard and palm patch.



Type I
Army Combat Gloves (ACG)
Type II
Army Combat Gloves - Capacitive (ACG-C): a capacitive variant of the ACG that allows the wearer to interact with touch screen devices while gloved.
Type III
Army Combat Gloves - Capacitive with Gauntlet: gauntleted version of the standard ACG-C to support Aviators and Combat Vehicle Crewmen.
Class 1
Foliage Green 504
Class 2
Coyote 498


  • Type I, Class 1
    • X-Small: 8415-01-601-8148
    • Small: 8415-01-601-8149
    • Medium: 8415-01-601-8150
    • Large: 8415-01-601-8151
    • X-Large: 8415-01-601-8152
    • XX-Large: 8415-01-601-8153
  • Type II, Class 1; PGC: 00031[1]
    • X-Small: 8415-01-667-3015
    • Small: 8415-01-667-3019
    • Medium: 8415-01-667-3020
    • Large: 8415-01-667-3024
    • X-Large: 8415-01-667-3023
    • XX-Large: 8415-01-667-3452