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Improved MOLLE Medic Set

The Improved MOLLE Medic Set (IMMS) is a redesign of the MOLLE Combat Medic Set. It accommodates the changes in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) doctrine and enable combat medics to carry additional life saving medical supplies.



The IMMS has three modular sections:

  • the Tactical Evacuation Bag,
  • Tactical Field Care Bag, and
  • the Care Under Fire Bag

that are specifically tailored to TCCC.

The IMMS decreases the Combat Medic's overall combat load and provides a load bearing solution that is modular, scalable, and can be tailored to accommodate any mission profile. The IMMS is interoperable with other medical assemblages in the close fight and facilitates rapid resupply.[1]


  • IMMS, OCP: 8465-01-641-6977[2][3]
    • Care Under Fire Bag: 8465-01-641-6965 8465-01-F01-1211
    • Tactical Field Care Bag: 8465-01-641-6563
    • Tactical Evacuation Bag with Frame and Waistbelt: 8465-01-641-7693
    • Tube Hydration Pouch: 8465-01-641-7968
    • I.V. Pouch: 8465-01-641-7947
    • Bleed Pouch: 8465-01-641-7973
    • Airway Pouch: 8465-01-641-7975