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Lightweight Rucksack

The lightweight rucksack with aluminum frame was developed by Natick Laboratories for cold weather and mountain use as an initial effort to develop lightweight load-carrylng equipment in 1961. It weighed 3 pounds (1.4 kg) as compared to the 7.5 pound (3.4 kg) cotton rucksack with steel frame which it replaced.[1]

lightweight rucksacklightweight rucksack with a canteen in a cover attached to the side hanger and secured by a tiedown strap.

The aluminum frame gave the load stability on the wearer's back, and the nylon pack, with a capacity of 1.15 cubic feet was almost twice as large as the M-56 pack (.67 cu ft). Furthermore, a small demountable platform was provided which could be attached at the bottom of the frame; this shelf made it possible to carry items like a five-gallon water can, and thus served as a lightweight packboard.



  • complete set: RUCKSACK, LIGHTWEIGHT
  • pack: FIELD PACK
  • frame: FRAME, FIELD PACK
  • waist strap: STRAP, WEBBING


  • standardized model, complete set: 8465-782-3248
    • pack: 8465-782-2113
    • riveted frame: 8465-782-3249
    • waist strap: 8465-782-3250
  • shelf: 8465-782-6722
  • snow camouflage cover: 8465-270-0414
  • rifle butt pocket and strap assembly: 8465-782-2779
  • earlier models
    • T-62-1
    • T-62-2: 8465-889-3773
    • 1964: 8465-965-4416


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