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Improved Modular Tactical Vest

The Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV) provides a number of features that improve upon mission performance, user comfort, and improved load carrying capability when compared to the existing Modular Tactical Vest including: modified removable ballistic panel pattern to provide more acceptable body coverage and protection; improved ergonomics, mobility, and fit at the shoulders; improved cummerbund design; improved comfort utilizing a lumbar pad support; and increased PALS footprint for load carriage. The IMTV provides protection from conventional fragmenting munitions and multiple hits from 9mm handgun rounds. The IMTV protection is increased to protect vital organs against multiple hits from small arm rifles and indirect fire flechette when front, back, and side small arms protective inserts are worn.

Marine Corps Plate Carrier

The Plate Carrier (PC) improves the load bearing capabilities of the scalable plate carrier, integrates primary components among the improved modular tactical vest, and contours the product for comfort and wear.