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Flame Resistant Organizational Gear

Due to the threat of burn injuries stemming from OIF/OEF, a USON was established that required burn protection for the hands and face/neck. After extensive testing, it was determined that in addition to providing base layer of flame/fire protection, an outer layer of protection is essential.

Balaclava with Face Guard

The FROG balaclava has a hinged face guard that allows wearer to expose face without having to remove helmet and balaclava. It is issued in light and mid weight FR materials for different seasons.

Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble

The Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble (EFRCE) consists of a blouse and trousers that make up a set. Although the EFRCE is similar to the current Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble, the design and fabrics used to construct the ensemble have been modified to increase durability.

Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble

The Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble is comprised of a high performance protective blouse and protective trousers that will provide the protection, safety and comfort features required by Flame Resistant Organizational Gear.

Inclement Weather Combat Shirt

The inclement weather combat shirt is a pullover shirt that will provide FR protection as well as protection from wind and water. It is designed to be worn over the combat shirt as a component of FROG.

Light Weight Long Sleeve Mock Turtle Neck Shirt

In addition to being FR, this shirt has a mock neck design for added protection and also contains an antimicrobial property along with moisture management (wicking) capabilities.


This purchase description covers the requirements for the Marine Corps enhanced flame resistant combat ensemble, blouse and trouser.


This purchase description covers the requirements for the Inclement Weather Combat Shirt (IWCS). The shirt is designed to provide flame resistance and inclement weather protection needed for wear in field and combat operations.