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Balaclava with Face Guard

The FROG balaclava has a hinged face guard that allows wearer to expose face without having to remove helmet and balaclava. It is issued in light and mid weight FR materials for different seasons.

FROG balaclava made with APF fabricFROG balaclava made with PBI Gold fabricleft: modacrylic fabric in sand color, right: PBI gold fabric in coyote colorFROG balaclava made with PBI Goldleft: PBI Gold lightweight, right: PBI Gold midweight

Cold weather wear guidance

The balaclavas shall be worn when flame/flash threat are present. For cold weather wear, the two balaclavas can be layered together for added warmth. The balaclavas can be worn under the helmet.


  • Lightweight
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-546-2650 [pdf]
    • X-Large: 8415-01-546-2742
  • Midweight
    • Medium/Large: 8415-01-546-2630 [pdf]
    • X-Large: 8415-01-546-2642


  • Transitioned to PBI Gold fabric.[1]
    • Lightweight
      • one size: 8415-01-567-4835
    • Midweight
      • one size: 8415-01-567-5114

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