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FM 10-16: General Fabric Repair

Field manual 10-16 consists of general instructions for the inspection and repair of military clothing, textiles, canvas, and webbing. It covers methods for sewing by hand and by machine. It includes directions for different kinds of stitches, seams, darns, and patches. It explains how to replace fasteners (zippers), and hardware items.


  • 2013-07-24: superseded by TM 4-42.21, General Fabric Repair [pdf].
  • 2000-05-24: [pdf]
  • 1984-06-13: This revision, General Fabric Repair, supersedes FM 10-16, 30 April 1974, and FM 10-267, General Repair for Clothing and Textiles, 17 June 1977.
  • 1974-04-30: General Repair of Tents, Canvas, and Webbing [GoogleBooks]