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FM 8-40: Field Sanitation

The application of well-established practical measures for the preservation of the health and the prevention of disease is essential in order that the military personnel may be kept at its maximum effective strength. It is of the greatest importance that all officers and enlisted men should be conversant with the fundamentals of military sanitation as outlined in this manual, and amplified in TM 8-255 (now published as Army Medical Bulletin No. 23), and that they cooperate in observing and carrying out the measures prescribed in Army Regulations.


  • 1945-07-05: Superseded by FM 21-10.
  • 1944-01-15: Change No. 6
  • 1943-04-30: Change No. 5
  • 1943-03-16: Change No. 4
  • 1942-11-22: Change No. 3
  • 1942-07-09: Change No. 2
  • 1942-06-12: Change No. 1
  • 1940-08-15: [pdf]