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Basic Field Manuals

Training, administrative, and reference data applicable to more than one arm, with special reference to the smaller units.

Vol. I: Field Service Pocketbook. (F. S. P.)
The individual.
Vol. II: Infantry Drill Regulations. (I. D. R.)
Drill, dismounted ceremonies, and inspections; the infantry pack, display of equipment, and tent drill.
Vol. III: Basic Weapons. (B. W.)
Marksmanship and mechanical training of the rifle, automatic rifle, pistol, machine gun, 37-mm gun, 3-inch trench mortar, bayonet and grenade instruction, technique of fire (37-mm gun, 3-inch trench mortar, and machine gun); musketry and combat practice of small units; instruments.
Vol. IV: Signal Communications. (S.C.)
Signal regulations and technical information needed by officers and enlisted men on signal communications duty of arms other than the Signal Corps.
Vol. V: Transport. (T.)
Equitation, training remounts, use and care of animals and of animal-drawn, pack, motor, and tractor transport.
Vol. VI: Administrative Regulations. (A. R.)
Army Regulations essential to small units.
Vol. VII: Military Law. (M. L.)
The Manual for Courts-Martial, including the Articles of War; the Rules of Land Warfare, including recent conventions relative to the sick and wounded of armies in the field and to prisoners of war; an epitome of the legal principles applicable to military forces when aiding the civil power.
Vol. VIII: Operations of Combined Arms (Small Units). (O. C. A.)
The principles, doctrines, and methods governing the tactical employment of combined arms with reference to the small units.