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An Annotated Bibliography of MANPRINT-Related Assessments and Evaluations Conducted by the U.S. Army

The term "manpower and personnel integration" (MANPRINT) was coined in 1984 by General Richard H. Thompson, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Materiel Command. MANPRINT became an official directorate in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in 1987. In 1991, MANPRINT was expanded to include Automated Information Systems (AIS) .

2nd Edition: 1953 to 2009 by Sam E. Middlebrooks, Ph.D.

The second edition references 583 MANPRINT assessments and evaluations performed by the MANPRINT community as required by U.S. Army Regulation 602-2 that were conducted by the U.S. Army between 1953 and the date of this report in 2009. New to this edition are 443 reports regulated by Army Regulation 73-1 and produced by the Army test and evaluation (T&E) community from 1979 that address MANPRINT issues. Covering both of these categories are 1026 assessment reports related to MANPRINT reported in this bibliography that are covered under AR 73-1 and AR 602-2. While the MANPRINT program was officially established in the late 1980s, there had been work in what was to become many of the MANPRINT domains going back many years. Searches of the available archives in various Army organizational databases and files produced study reports from 1953 onward for work for, and related to, the official MANPRINT program and from 1979 onward for T&E related work.

  • Volume I: Index [pdf]
  • Volume II: MANPRINT Assessment and Evaluations [pdf]
  • Volume III: Test and Evaluation Reports [pdf]