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TB MED 508: Prevention and Management of Cold Weather Injuries

Technical bulletin medical 508 provides guidance to military and civilian health care providers, allied medical personnel, and unit commanders and leaders to:

  • Develop an evidence-based prevention program to protect military personnel from cold stress and associated adverse health effects.
  • Understand the physiologic responses and adaptations to cold (chapter 2).
  • Implement procedures for managing cold stress (chapter 3).
  • Understand the principles and proper use of cold-weather clothing.
  • Understand the diagnosis and treatment of nonfreezing and freezing cold injuries and other medical conditions associated with cold weather.
  • Identify the risk factors for cold injuries and implement treatment (chapter 4).
  • Understand the principles and use of the windchill temperature index.
  • Prevent cold injuries during deployment and training.
  • Provide background information for reporting injuries and data collection of epidemiological information to note trends and to identify individual, work, and environmental factors that are not adequately controlled by preventive measures and policies.


  • 2005-04-01: This bulletin [pdf] supersedes TB MED 81/NAVMED P-5052-29/AFP 161-11, 30 September 1976.