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TM 55-1680-351-10: Operator's Manual For SRU-21/P Army Survival Vest

Technical manual 55-1680-351-10 is the official document for the vest survival kit used with Army aircraft. The purpose of this manual is to supply the aircrew member with the latest information on kit contents and instructions on their intended uses.


  • 1993-04-30: Change No. 3
  • 1991-06-17: Change No. 2
  • 1988-11-04: Change No. 1
  • 1987-04-22: This manual [pdf] supersedes TM 55-8465-215-10, Operator's Manual for Vest, Survival, SRU-21/P, Hot Climate, (FSN 8465-177-4819), dated 9 June 1970.