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Field Tarpaulin

The Field Tarp is an outer protective cloth designed to provide Marines with a lightweight, waterproof covering which will also function as a ground cover, sunshade, gear cover, field litter, personal protection and/or a hasty shelter.

field tarp


The program was initially added to the (FY00) MEP list as an Improved Poncho. Marines currently use the poncho as a ground cover or hasty shelter. Program name officially changed to Field Tarp on 01/30/2004. The Field Tarp will replace the current poncho in the Marine Corps inventory on a one-for-one basis.


The tarp is constructed out of durable material that will not rip, leak, or delaminate like the poncho it replaces. The edges of the tarp can be secured to one another with the sewn-in snaps. The tarp measures 90 inches long by 80 inches wide.


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