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Marine Corps Light Duty Glove Insert

The Light Duty Glove Insert is a product improvement replacing the Improved Glove Insert. The intent is to eliminate the melt/drip hazard, which could occur with the old polyester/lycra insert, by changing to a cotton/lycra insert.

USMC light duty glove insert


The glove insert is a four finger and thumb design designed to be worn either alone or under a glove shell. It is made from a water repellent treated knitted cotton/lycra blend with grip dots covering the fingers and palm.


  • CR/PD 02-2008 SYSCOM
    • Danalco Inc.'s Seamless Cotton and Lycra Liner glove, Product Numbers 2101 and 2105, has been found to meet the requirements listed in this purchase description.


  • Green 483; TAMCN: C1120
    • Small/Medium: 8415-01-563-1992
    • Large/X-Large: 8415-01-563-2003

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  • Light Duty Glove Insert infopaper @PMICE [2008]