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All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

The All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) was adopted as Standard A on 17 January 1973 to replace M-1956 and M-1967 systems.

Individual Equipment Belt

The belt is designed for carrying various items of individual equipment, such as the water canteen and ammunition case which are suspended on the belt by keepers or by double hooks inserted through eyelets so spaced on the belt as to accomodate this equipment. The belt is also used in conjunction with the field pack suspenders, the suspender hooks being attachable to the top edge row of eyelets to help support the weight of the belt and its attached equipment.

Intrenching Tool Carrier

The carrier is designed as a suitable carrier for the intrenching tool covered by MIL-I-43684.

First Aid Dressing/Unmounted Magnetic Compass Case

The case is used to carry two camouflaged individual troop first aid dressing and a package of sodium chloride - sodium bicarbonate mixture, or an unmounted magnetic compass.

Small Arms Ammunition Case (30-Round Magazine)

The case is designed to accomodate three 30-round ammunition magazines for the M-16 rifle. Magazine spacer straps are provided for separating individual magazines, and grenade pockets with retainer straps are provided for carrying grenades. The case is provided with a tab with an eyelet for attachment to the suspender snaphook and two keepers with slide for attaching to the individual equipment belt.

Field Pack Cover

The field pack cover is intended to be used over the medium and large field packs to provide camouflage.

Water Canteen Cover

The canteen cover is designed as a carrier for a one quart nominal capacity water canteen and cup.

Large Combat Field Pack

The large field pack is designed to carry up to 70 pounds of existence loads which include clothing, personal items and rations.

Medium Combat Field Pack

The medium field pack is designed to carry up to 50 pounds of existence loads which include clothing, personal items and rations.

Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders

The suspenders are designed for use with the individual equipment belt on which are suspended items of field equipment such as water canteen, ammunition cases, and other items required by the soldier in the field.