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The MOLLE modularity allows for commanders to tailor the loads to meet mission needs without unnecessary extra pockets and packs.

MOLLE Vest Configuration

LBV Configuration

  • Rifleman: base set
    • two single 30 round magazine pockets
    • two double 30 round magazine pockets
    • two fragmentation grenade pockets
    • a utility pocket
  • Pistolman-specific
    • four single 9mm magazine pockets
  • SAW Gunner-specific
    • two 200 round magazine pockets
    • two 100 round magazine pockets
    • Twelve five-round shotgun pouches
  • Grenadier-specific
    • fourteen single high explosive grenade pockets
    • two double illumination round pockets
  • Combat Medic-specific
    • four zippered medical pockets for the vest
    • a specialized panel loading medical bag that has an additional four removable medical pockets attached to it.

MOLLE Load Configuration

Load Configuration

There are several possible load configurations. Five common configurations are:

+ Butt Pack ⇒ Light Fighting Load
+ Patrol Pack ⇒ Assault Pack Load
+ Main Pack ⇒ Light Rucksack Load
+ Sustainment Pocket ⇒ Intermediate Rucksack Load
+ Sleep System Carrier ⇒ Full Rucksack Load