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Main Pack

The MOLLE main pack has a volume of approximately 3,000 cubic inches.

MOLLE Main Pack

The front pocket on the main pack is designed to accommodate a claymore mine. The claymore mine pocket also contains a removable bandoleer which holds up to six additional thirty round magazines which can be slung across the shoulders.

The top flap of the main pack is a clear removable map case with a hook and loop closure. The clear side can be written on with a grease pencil.

The main pack contains a collar made of water resistant material which is secured with a cord and barrel lock.

Inside the main pack, against the back panel is a removable radio pocket designed to carry a SINCGARS radio.


  • Main Pack: 8465-01-465-2289
  • Frame, black: 8465-01-465-2158
  • Shoulder Straps: 8465-01-465-2133
    • woodland
      • Main Pack: 8465-01-465-2289 (unch.)
      • Frame: 8465-01-465-2158 (unch.)
      • Sholder Straps: 8465-01-465-2133 (unch.)
      • Molded Waist Belt, one size: 8465-01-465-2109 (the same as the small MOLLE molded waistbelt)
    • 3-color desert
      • Main Pack: 8465-01-491-7519
      • Frame, tan: 8465-01-491-7449
      • Shoulder Straps: 8465-01-491-7513
      • Molded Waist Belt: 8465-01-492-7429