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Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot

In 1926 the Schuylkill Arsenal was renamed the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot.

In 1956 the Military Clothing and Textile Supply Agency (MC&TSA) was established as a single-manager agency for clothing and textile at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot. In 1962 MC&TSA was absorbed into the Defense Supply Agency (DSA) as the Defense Clothing and Textile Supply Center (DC&TSC). On July 1, 1965 three DSA supply centers for subsistence, clothing and textiles (DC&TSC), medical supplies were merged to form the Defense Personnel Support Center (DPSC) in Philadelphia, PA. DPSC was renamed the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) on January 13, 1998. In 2010 DSCP was renamed the DLA Troop Support. [1]