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ATP 3-90.97: Mountain Warfare and Cold Weather Operations

The purpose of ATP 3-90.97 is the Army's doctrinal publication for operations in mountain warfare and cold weather operations. It provides doctrinal guidance and direction for how United States forces conduct mountain and cold weather operations and is to arm leaders and Soldiers with the information necessary to operate in mountain and cold weather environments. The information contained in this manual applies to all Soldiers, regardless of rank or job specialty. This manual is designed to work in conjunction with and complement TC 3-97.61, Military Mountaineering and ATTP 3-21.50, Infantry Small-Unit Mountain Operations.


  • 2016-04-29: This publication [pdf] supersedes FM 3-97.6, dated 28 November 2000 and ATTP 3-97.11, dated 28 January 2011.