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ATTP 3-97.11: Cold Region Operations

The purpose of ATTP 3-97.11/MCRP 3-35.1D is to arm leaders, Soldiers, and Marines with the necessary knowledge on how to operate in cold region environments. The information contained in this manual applies to all Soldiers and Marines, regardless of rank or job specialty. This manual is designed to work with and complement FM 3-97.6, Mountain Operations, and FM 3-97.61, Military Mountaineering. This manual will enable leaders, Soldiers, and Marines to accurately describe cold region environments, their effects on military equipment, impacts these environments have on personnel, and most importantly, how to employ the elements of combat power in cold region environments.


  • 2016-04-29: Superseded by ATP 3-90.97.
  • 2011-01-28: This publication [pdf] supersedes FM 31-70, dated 12 April 1968, and FM 31-71, dated 21 June 1971.