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FM 100-10: Field Service Regulations, Administration

Field manual 100-10 contains the fundamentals of administration, covering all phases of military operations in the field not included in tactics and strategy. These regulations will be studied in connection with FM 100-5, Field Service Regulations, Operations, which covers the doctrines pertaining to leading troops in combat and tactics of the combined arms; and FM 100-15, Field Service Regulations, Larger Units, which discusses the functions and operation of larger units and territorial commands.


  • 2003-08-29: Superseded by FM 4-0.
  • 1995-10-03: Combat Service Support [pdf]
  • 1988-02-18
  • xxxx
  • 1943-11-15: [pdf]
  • 1942-10-05: Change No. 3
  • 1942-06-08: Change No. 2
  • 1942-04-29: Change No. 1
  • 1940-12-09: This pamphlet, Field Service Regulations, Administration, [pdf] supersedes part II, Field Service Regulations, 1923.