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FM 100-15: Field Service Regulations, Larger Units

Field manual 100-15 is a guide for employing US Army corps in war and operations other than war. It addresses corps combat operations and the integration and coordination of combat, combat support, and combat service support as well as other joint and multinational functions applicable to any theater. It discusses concepts and principles unique to the corps. However, except when necessary, it does not address specific tactics, techniques, or procedures.


  • 1996-10-29: Corps Operations [pdf]
  • 1989-09-13
  • xxxx
  • 1968-12-27: Larger Units, Theater Army-Corps [pdf]
  • 1966-03-16: Change No. 1
  • 1963-12-12: [pdf]
  • 1952-10-20: Change No. 1
  • 1950-06-28: [pdf]
  • 1942-09-10: Change No. 1
  • 1942-06-29: