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FM 31-13: Battle Group Landing Team (Amphibious)

A battle group landing team is the basic task organization used as a nucleus of an infantry division landing team in an amphibious operation. It may however, be employed as a semiindependent or independent landing team. In either role it will normally employ both air and water ship-to-shore mobility means, i.e., assault craft (landing craft and amphibious vehicles) and aircraft, primarily helicopters, operating from naval ships. The ground and air mobile tactics and techniques employed after landing are substantially the same as those used in normal ground warfare, but modified during the period of joint operations to integrate joint command and control facilities and multiple Service resources.

This manual is written primarily as a guide for the battle group level commanders and staff and must be used in conjunction with FM 31-12, Army Forces in Amphibious Operations (The Army Landing Force). It outlines the organization, planning, embarkation, ship-to-shore movement, and landing techniques employed by army forces planning for and participating in an (joint) amphibious assault.


  • 1961-09-29: This manual [pdf] supersedes FM 60-5, 21 February 1951.