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Parka and Trousers (Marine Corps)

The 2nd generation parka and trousers incorporates features requested by Marines. Improvements over the original parka and trousers include a two-way entry pocket design, water channels to protect critical area from potential leakage, removal of the taffeta nylon lining to reduce cost, improved breathability, a roll and stow hood, and a Cordura nylon reinforcement of the elbow and knee areas to improve durability.

Parka and Trousers (Army)

The parka and trousers replace the original parka and trousers in the Army.

Synthetic Fleece Shirt and Overalls

The shirt and overalls replace polyester fiberpile shirt and bib overall.

Lightweight Cold Weather Underwear Set

Lightweight Cold Weather Underwear Set (LWCWUS) was developed to provide a moisture wicking, heat retentive, lightweight garment for moderate conditions not sufficiently cold for the polypropylene underwear.