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Lightweight Protective Hood

The lightweight protective hood is a fire-resistant, no-melt, no-drip head and face covering that provides the Soldier with protection from thermal threats and minimizes heat stress in hot-dry climates while providing limited heat retention in cool climates.

lightweight protective hood, type Ilightweight protective hood, type IIleft: Type I, right: Type II


  • GL/PD 08-78


The outside layer of the hood shall be a 1x1 rib knit fabric. The top of the hood shall be made out of a knit mesh.


  • Type I
    • PGC: 38671
    • LIN: DA157D
    • 8415-01-576-7524
  • Type II, tan:
    • PGC: 36094
    • 8415-01-605-0217
  • Type II, foliage green 504
    • PGC: 36095
    • 8415-01-605-0219