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Intermediate Cold/Wet Gloves

The intermediate cold/wet gloves are intended as protection from environmental conditions for the hands of users performing their mission in intermediate cold and wet climates encompassing approximately a 0°F to 40°F temperature range.

intemediate cold/wet glove

They may be worn alone or over lightweight glove inserts. These gloves are not intended for heavy work such as rappelling or barbed wire handling, for hot work such as welding or changing machine gun barrels, or for use by POL handlers.

Description of Item

The glove shells are slipon, inseamed, Flexor design with a wing thumb, having a leather shell, waterproof/moisture vapor permeable insert, microfiber insulation and polyester lining, buckle/strap adjustment on the back, and a snap hook/dee at the wrist.





  • LIN: G63382
  • TAMCN: V40852F
  • PGC: 02130
    • X-Small: 8415-01-319-5112
    • Small: 8415-01-319-5113
    • Medium: 8415-01-319-5114
    • Large: 8415-01-319-5115
    • X-Large: 8415-01-319-5116 [pdf]
    • XX-Large: 8415-01-411-5224


Several subtle changes to the glove's original mid-1980s design have been borrowed from the commercial glove industry.

improved ICW glove
  • The color is foliage green instead of black to coordinate with the colors in the ACU.
  • The palm and fingers are covered in goat skin, rather than cow hide, for better durability.
  • The fingers are slightly curved, making the glove more ergonomically correct.
  • The back of the hand features a four-way stretch nylon instead of leather for dexterity.
  • Fleece wrist cuffs.
  • A soft nose-wipe feature on the back of the thumbs.
  • Reduced-bulk insulation on the trigger finger so its users can have more dexterity when firing weapons.
  • spec: MIL-DTL-44419A
  • national stock numbers
    • Small: 8415-01-539-8053
    • Medium:
      • 8415-01-539-8058
      • Wide: 8415-01-539-8064
    • Large:
      • 8415-01-539-8179
      • Wide: 8415-01-539-8172
    • X-Large:
      • 8415-01-539-8176
      • Wide: 8415-01-539-8181