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Marine Corps Improved Cold Weather Trigger Finger Mitten

The improved cold weather trigger finger mitten is light weight, reduced bulk, hydrophobic, quick drying, and designed with a trigger finger for weapon operation. The mitten is intended to be used in temperatures ranging from -25 to 10°F. The mitten is compatible with the snow camouflage mitten shells and improved glove insert, and replaces the trigger finger mitten shells and inserts.


The mitten set consists of two components:

  • trigger finger mitten liner
  • insulated trigger finger mitten shell

The design of the mitten allows a left or right handed Marine to fire his personal or crew served weapon. Each mitten has an extended gauntlet to provide continuous protection to the wrist and lower forearm.


The mitten palm is coated with a black rubberized material to facilitate gripping. The outer material is black in color and made from a breathable material.


  • TAMCN: V43112F
  • IDN: 10670E
    • Small: 8415-01-457-4773
    • Medium: 8415-01-457-4775
    • Large: 8415-01-457-4778
    • X-Large: 8415-01-457-4779
    • XX-Large: 8415-01-457-4781 [pdf]