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Corpsman Assault System

The Corpsman Assault System (CAS) is designed as a replacement for the Corpsman Assault Pack and is specifically intended to provide the Corpsman with a load carriage system that fully integrates with the USMC Pack and currently fielded body armor systems.


The CAS consists of four bags and reconfigurable internal components:

  1. Medical Assault Pack
  2. Medical Sustainment Bag
  3. Modular Medical Pouch
  4. Medical Thigh Rig
  5. Medical Inserts
    1. Narc Pouch
    2. Medium Pouch (Qty. 2)
    3. Large pouch (Qty. 2)
    4. Small Reversible Pouch (Qty. 2)
    5. Medium Reversible Pouch (Qty. 2)
    6. Elastic Panel (Qty. 2)
    7. Double Pocket Panel
    8. Triple Pocket Panel
    9. Stacked Pocket Panel


  • 8465-01-620-0920


  • Sources Sought: M67854-12-I-3006 [zip]
  • Solicitation: M67854-12-R-1043 (renumbered to the following) [zip]
  • Solicitation: M67854-13-R-1006 [zip]


  • PdM ICE Product Information Sheet [2014]